Lovely Family

Fall is almost here. This family really made me think of how fall is coming soon with their fall like outfits. They are such a cute bunch. My kids grew up in Katelyn Sunday school class. She is awesome.  Here is a sneak peak.

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Baby bump

This was such a wonderful and fun maternity session. I have known Erica for a few years. She teaches at Wilson’s gym and I have taken her class many times. She is an amazing instructor and lot of fun. So excited for you new bundle of joy. Here are a few sneak peaks.

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Sharon Beshore - You look beautiful and I am sure Hattie will be so beautiful inside and outside. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

Linda - Cute! Excited to see pictures with you holding Hattie in your arms next.

Cynthia Cornell - Fabulous pictures. I am counting down to the big day.

Megan “Class of 2015″

It was very warm outside and humid but we pushed through it and got some really cool shots. Love this senior session. Her boyfriend joined us at the end. He was so sweet.

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Minna oba - So pretty Megan!!!

Deb Orr - What a beautiful girl – inside and out! These are gorgeous photos.

Mary Stober - What beautiful pictures,at first I thought ,that movie star looks like Megan! The wonderful thing is she is as beautiful inside as the outside!! Love you dear!


Terri Stanley - Wow. So beautiful!

Kristen Tarr - These photo capture Megan’s beauty so well. Wonderful :)

Trent Stober - What a beautiful girl! Thanks Angelique!

Sarah tinnin - So beautiful!!! Inside and out!

Vaughn Mueller - Beautiful pictures! So proud to have her as my girlfriend!

Ann Brown - Mother-daughter photo. Beautiful, mother like daughter.

Mike Brown - Megan’s best is when she flashes that beautiful smile. Glamour shots are magazine cover quality.

Megan Stober - These look great!! Thank you so much for taking my senior pictures!

Jennifer Stober - Wow! I think the photos turned out amazing! You would never know it was 100 degrees out!! Thank you Angelique for making the process fun and effortless for us!

Full Of Smiles…

This early morning session did not hold back this little sweet pea. she was all smiles. Every time you said her name she brock out in the most infectious smile.  Big brother love giving her hugs and kisses. Love this family. Here are a few favorites.

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Fall Short & Sweet Sessions

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