Adorable Family

These kids are some of the happy go luck kids I have ever met. They are full of energy and loved having their photos taken. I had so much fun. The boys even found a cute little frog. Here are a few favorites.  

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Brandon “Class of 2015″

I really enjoy this early morning sessions and this awesome senior was a joy to work with.  He had unique style, a cool car and a great smile. Here are a few shots from his session.

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Lisa Oligschlaeger - We had a great time and a perfect morning to take these, they look great! Can’t wait to see all of the photos! Thanks Angelique!

Angelique - awesome photos

Lisa Oligschlaeger - We had a great morning to shoot these pictures! They turned out amazing! Cant wait to see all of them! Thanks Angelique

Sweet Harriet

I had so much fun with this sweet girl.  She is visiting from Canada with her grandparents. I think it is wonderful to capture these moments the grandparents. Loving my summer sessions. We had some really nice wild flowers. Here are a few favorites.

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Best Friends…

These two are best friends from when they were little. They have kept in touch with each other even though one lives in Texas and the other in Missouri.  All girls session which makes it even more fun. Here are a few favorites. 

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Angela Hodge - Wow! What beautiful girls. Love you girls all the way from Texas

Meet Landon

This was a wonderful family to photograph. Little Landon was such a doll. He had a sweet temperament and his big sister loved holding him and reading him a story. Here are a few favorites. 

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Kathy Sasek - These are amazing pictures. Such a beautiful family, we are so blessed with such adorable grandchildren! Proud of this family!!

Linda - What a beautiful family.
May your days be filled with joy, love, peace and all good things.

Myra - Thank you for sharing pictures of this beautiful and loving family.

Mary Wideman - Amazing photos with a beautiful family! As grandparents we are looking forward to the opportunity to purchase some of these pictures to display in our home. Thanks for sharing.

Dot - Precious and positively perfect!!! I love the pictures so much! Such a beautiful family. Welcome sweet Landon!!!!

Michelle Sopp - Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!! Landon is so precious…and him with Kenzie is just too much! Love, love, love!

wendy blair - Great pics! You did a wonderful
job. I have the most beautiful niece and handsome nephew. Thanks for sharing on your site.

Jennifer - These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! I can’t believe how awake Landon was! So cute!

Jennifer - What a beautiful family and lovely pictures!

Jennifer Fuesting - Absolutely adorable pictures~

Annette - Congratulations! He is so adorable. I love the photo’s, thank you for sharing them. I can not believe how much Kenzie has grown. Both Kenzie and Landon are absolutely beautiful! You and Scott look so happy. Again, congratulations. I am so happy for you all. Sincerely, Annette

Jennifer Rodewald - He is SO precious! And I adore the photos of Kenzie and Landon…what a great big sister!

Maice - Gorgeous family and amazing photos!

Trisha - He is so adorable, as is the entire family! Love the one with Landon and Kenzie!